How to Schedule a Post on Your WordPress Blog

This may come as a surprise, but most bloggers don’t blog in real-time. In the movies the protagonist jots down their well articulated thoughts swiftly before they head out the door and press “SEND.” Yeah, don’t do that. Building a brand and adding value to your customers’ lives takes a bit more forethought. Planning your posts and working on them in advance guarantees consistent content. When your readers know when you’ll post, they’ll be able to plan on reading your blog. Here’s how you schedule a post in your WordPress blog.

Set Your Timezone in WordPress

Yep, there’s some assembly required. Fortunately, you only need to do this once. Go to the Settings > General tab. Here you’ll find some basic configurations for your blog. You’ll need to change your timezone from UTC 0 to your local time/city. This make sure your posts, when scheduled, post when you intend them to.

If you skip this step your posts will publish in the wrong timezone. You may miss your deadlines. 

Once your timezone is correct, you can go to your post to do the rest.

Change the Publish Date and Time

In each post, the publish dialogue has settings that decide how and when a post is published. With “Publish on:”, you can determine what date and time your post (and automatic social media updates) will release. Just press okay and the Publish button will now say Schedule.

That’s it! You’re done here.

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