Getting More Email Subscribers for Your WordPress Blog

If you want to get more people subscribed, you’re going to need to tell them about the value your blog provides. One way to do that is with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is content that drives people to your site and has a call to action. For our purposes, we want people to subscribe to our WordPress blogs.  Here’s how we will set this up:

1) Create a Lead Magnet

The first thing you want to do is create something that people will want to download. There are several different kinds. The Blog Loft has a fantastic blog post with a list of ideas for different blogs. These are great inspiration.

I suggest you start by looking at your old blog posts. Is there a post where you walk someone through a process or make recommendations? Turn this post into a check-list and save it as a pdf. Make sure you add your logo and brand the checklist so people remember where they got it from.

2) Enable the Lead Magnet Page Snippet.

I’ve added a new plugin to your blog called Snippets. Click on this menu item in your dashboard and enable the Lead Magnet Page snippet. It’s the only one.

3) Create a Thank You Page

Next you’ll need to make a page where new subscribers can download your free lead magnet. Go to pages and make a new page named Thank You. Be sure to add some text that thanks your new subscribers. Click the Add Media button and upload your lead magnet. WordPress will put a link to the file in your page.


The rest is like magic. The snippet you enabled will redirect all of your new subscribers to your Thank You page so they can download your lead magnet. All that is left now, is to create a blog post that explains your new lead magnet. Sell your readers on the value you provide, and end your post with a call to action – subscribe!

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  1. Hi, as far as I can see, the plugin has not been added to my blog. I’ve been looking for 15 minutes and can’t find it.

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