The Easy Way to Export A WordPress Site

The semester is over, but your blog doesn’t have to be!

The easiest way to move your website to a new domain or host is to export your blog’s content from the dashboard. I’ll give you instructions on how to do this part below. Then, open a new WordPress blog, or if you’re buying your own domain, setup your domain and install WP. You can then add the Importer plugin that will allow you to import the file you downloaded here on

How to Export Your Blog

Head over to your dashboard and hover over Tools, then click, Export. You want to export All of your data. If you are a bit more advanced and know that you don’t need all of it, then select just what you need and click “Download Export File.”

And with that, you have the keys to the kingdom! You can take this file and import it on another WP install. If you want to use some of the same plugins that we have now, like Instagram Gallery or JetPack, you’ll need to install those separately.

A few notes:
– make sure your installation is up to date before exporting your blog. This will make sure that your data is compatible with your new website.
– many other blogging platforms will accept your exported WordPress data. The integration won’t be seamless, but you can migrate your site to a different blogging platform.

Finally, I’ll be assisting people with their final projects after my exams are over tomorrow, in the Tutoring Room, at 6pm. You can add the event to your calendar here.

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