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3 Digital Resources for College Students

3 Digital Resources for College Students

Social distancing is hard. Distance learning can be hard. Mixing the two together, well that’s a uniquely frustrating challenge. It’s quite a gift to be able to continue classes even in a time of crisis, but that doesn’t change the fact that managing right now is hard.

I’ve got a list of three tools that I think you should look at. These tools are all digital, sync in the cloud, and can help you stay organized while taking classes and managing assignments remotely. Hopefully one or two of them can help you as you approach the finish line.

Free To-Do & Assignment Tracker


Last week I published the student planner/to-do list tracker I made in Airtable when I was an undergrad. My goal was to create a to-do list that let me track school work, paid work, and personal tasks like doctors appointments in one place. It’s impossible to stay on top of all your deadlines if they live in a multitude of places.

Airtable has a generous free tier and this template is made to work with it. No subscriptions necessary.

Doodle – For Remote Scheduling

Doodle’s free tier offers a simple, pretty interface to help coordinate schedules for big groups. You send out a chart with a series of possible times, and the recipients can respond with their availability. This is a great resource – distance learning or not – for co-ordinating schedules for group projects and study sessions.

My Study Life – Planner


If you’re not familiar with Airtable but would like to use a digital planner to stay organized, there is a completely free app available called My Study Life. Add your schedule to the planner, work your way towards bigger projects like tests and papers, and get reminders along the way. This web app is modeled after a traditional planner and comes with iOS and Android companions.

My favorite feature however, is that it’s available offline.

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